Weekend is over and was to short

07:15 Currently 68F
Spent most of Saturday working on the family laptop. Got up early and decided to put on Mandrake 8.2 because it was supposed to support the D-Link Wireless card we use right out of the box….NOPE. Then I tried to use the Linux- Wlan-NG software and that didn’t work either. By now it’s around noon and Carolyn is complaining that she wants to check her e-mail. I finally ended up putting Red Hat 7.3 back on and recompiling the kernel to support wireless networking,(why they don’t compile it in right off the bat is beyond me).

Sunday was better Carolyn and Avery and I went to see “Hey Arnold” the movie. Look for a review on Lavignaonline.com. It was good, but I think the cartoon is better.

Then spent the rest of the day just hanging and working around the house.

Going back to the New York office this morning to get the Internet setup finished and to figure out there printing problem. I want to be back to NJ by lunch