My ears are still ringing…

Weekend was a good one. Spent Saturday working on home projects. Carolyn and I decided not to go any where for vacation while Avery is at my parents and try to get some projects done at home. We have also decided to rip down the paneling in the kitchen and put up dry wall. I figure it will take me a week to rip and install and tape and spackle.

Spent Sunday just hanging out waiting to go to the Gov’t Mule show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Great show and well worth the drive. On bass was Andy Hess from the Black Crows. Audley Freed from the Black Crows was also there. Danny Louis on keyboards was great. He gave alot of depth to the whole show. Henry and I saw them walking the boardwalk before the show.

Blind Man
Lay Your Burden Down
Bad Little Doggie ->
How Many More Years -> Higher Ground tease -> HMMY
Out Of The Rain
Sometimes Salvation (Audley Freed plays rest of 1st set)
Banks Of The Deep End
30 Days In The Hole (preceded by Warren saying the next song is of a serious
subject matter that applies to a lot of people there)

Rockin’ Horse
Beautifully Broken
Thorazine Shuffle
Time To Confess
Mule -> I’ve Been Workin’ -> Mule ->
She Said She Said (Audley Freed plays rest of set + encore)
Painted Silver Light
Keys -> Soulshine

Encore: Creep

Asbury Park was a little depressing, it reminded me of Atlantic City without the casinos. No one was on the boardwalk and really no business to speak of. The convention center looks good and I will go back for a show there.

It looks like I will have to go to Harrisburg tomorrow since their print server died.