9 Days Till My Birthday

Big hello to Nancy at work who actually admitted to reading this journal….

Temperature finally drop to a more bearable temp fro everyone at home.

Been working on getting the plans together for the new mail server. I decided to buy an Adaptec Raid controller an another drive taking my drive count to 4. So at 36 GB a piece and losing the last drive to parity I will get a whopping 108 GBS of space. That should be okay for this server. It will be hosting the Web,Ftp and Mail server on it.

I hope to get started on taking the paneling down in the kitchen tonight so I can put up the drywall on Sat.

I have tomorrow off to go to Six Flags Great Adventure with Henry, Tika, Steve Roco, John Allen and his kids. I just want to ride the roller coasters and skip the water park so I am going to end up on my own for a while.

Have to go back to the New York office next week because one of the Compaq’s I switched to one of the people up there is already screwed up. I am just going to re ghost it with the original image I made last summer. If that doesn’t fix it then the user is a jinx…..