Wow what a great couple of months. I have been to a bunch of concerts culminating in a 2 night run in Philly by The Other Ones. TOO = the Grateful Dead – Jerry + 3 others. The first night was Sat. The first set was a little slow and it started making me doubt buying tickets for both nights. The intermission was filled with one of the greatest song writers of recent history Robert Hunter walking around stage playing his guitar and sing a lot of his hits. The second set was started with a bang and just kept right on going full tilt boogie. During drums Phil came out and joined Bill and Mickey on the drums. Here is the set list for the first night.

Here is the Set List:
Set 1:
Saturday Night>
*Cumberland Blues> Jam>
*Down the Road Again
Hell in a Bucket
(stop – technical problems)
+Friend Of the Devil> Jam>
*Here Comes Sunshine>
Jam> *Dancin’ in the Streets

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Lazy Lightning>
^Drumz> Space>
Terrapin Station>
*Sugaree (ST)
E: Donor Rap “Rapped” to
Goin’ Down the Road
Feelin’ Bad
E: And We Bid You Goodnight

^Phil playing Mickey’s drums
*with Susan Tedeschi
+Bobby on acoustic

My cousin Henry and I both agreed that the first set was lacking and the second set defiantly made up for the not so great seats we got from mail order. We did get lucky and snagged some seats about 5 rows down from where our tickets were for. Row 9 was our friends…..

The second night at the Spectrum started much better. We got good parking in the FU center parking lot and saw about 100 cowering Shakira fans at the FU box office entrance.

The Sunday night show was great it started off with a bang and the crowed was much more alive then the night before. Our seats were much better closer to the stage. Right above Bobby and a good view of Mickey and Bill. The whole night was much better then Sat. We all enjoyed it. The big change from Sat. to Sunday is that they moved Jimmy Herring to center stage and put Bobby stage left.

Here is the set list:
Set 1:Jam> Liberty (BW)
^Cosmic Charlie
^Queen Jane> Jam>
+Hog For You Baby>
Good Morning
Little Schoolgirl (BW)>
Caution (ST/RB)>
Spacey Jam>
Jack Straw

Set 2:
@Uncle John’s Band>
@^Playin’ In The Band>
@Jam> @^Scarlet Begonias>
@^Fire on the Mountain>
Drumz> Space>
^Mister Charlie (ST)>
^I Know You Rider>
^Midnight Hour
E: Golden Road

@Bobby acoustic
^with Susan Tedeschi
between PL & JH

Now I have some observations about the Spectrum and the Dead fans.

1. If you are in the 300 or 400 level the steps are vertical.

2. If you have seats in the 300 or 400 level don’t get to trashed to walk up the stairs.

3. I also love it when the Dead Fans sit in the aisle. Now most of them
leave space for people to walk up or down thew stairs, but then you have
the guy who then sits down in the space and wonders why people are kicking
and yelling at him.

Over all it was 1.5 great shows. Sunday was a much better show then Saturday and Jimmy Herring was definitely in the spot light more then the first night.

My next show to close off the year of 2002 will be Govn’t Mule at the Beacon in NYC on Dec 30,2002.

Check back in the next few days will be putting my Christmas wish list up on the web.