Going to be in the paper

Life can be so strange. I just got off the phone with a reporter from “The Trentonian”. He found the rocknroll.com site when he was board and surfing the web and decided to run a feature on it. So check the Wednesday Trentonian for the artical and this picture.

The weekend was good…Nat and Del came over Friday for dinner and to have Carolyn help with Nat’s wedding dress. Then they were back on Saturday to help paint the kitchen to get it ready for there reception we are hosting at our house on Valentines day. It’s cool to have some friends who will help out and who we can help. It’s also neat to just hang out and talk computers life and the universe with good fun people.

Tonight I am heading over to there place to play the ultimate geek game D&D. Should be fun I rolled a good character so I hope to have a good time.