Wow what a weekend

Well Nat and Del’s wedding was on Friday. We held the reception and had a great time. Some people didn’t make it because of the snow in there area. The Lasagna turned out fabulous…well all the food turned out great. The trays for Dominic’s were a big hit.

But then on Sunday it started to snow and has been upgraded to a Blizzard. The snow has drifted on the roof right up to the windows of the bed room. It looks like we have gotten around 3 feet of snow. We are now sitting around waiting for the snow to end.

Carolyn and I have decided to share the office upstairs so I won’t be stuck in the basement working. So that means I have to start working on getting the room cleaned up and the paneling off the walls and running more electric in the room. At the same time I will drop the CAT5 down the walls from the attic then put up the drywall. That should only take about a month or so.