It’s that time again

Well it’s that time again to start work on the Family picnic site. The date for the picnic this year is July 26. It’s a Sat so I can have a good time and relax the next day. This year I actually bought a domain name for the picnic site That now takes the number of domains I own to 5 and only one that has any marketable value. I am going to try to get the site up and running by the middle of April. I have Nat working on the graphics for it and I hope to get her to do a little more as well.

The weekend went well spent the day Saturday with Avery going to the comic store and to the movies. Sunday watched the race and had Nat and Del over for dinner. We watched Sweet Home Alabama and just talked and had a good time.

Gaming was good this week except that I was dead tired and I still had to go back to work. but I had a good time and the game went well.

Going to try to get as much of the stuff in the office room tonight up to the Attic or down to the basement. Then I can work on getting the paneling off the wall and the Cat-5 drooped down into the walls. Well back to work.