Hey I am up and moving

Well I made it to work today..it isn’t to bad. It still hurts when I walk or stand for to long. I knew I was doing better this morning when I reached my arm totally back behind me when the alarm went off to hit the snooze button. I have to get moved back into my own room for many reasons:

1. To get back to a better alarm in the morning
2. To much light comes into Avery’s room in the morning
and the main reason
3. To get back to sleeping next to my wife. It’s lonely in a single bed.

Got some bad news from my friend Iambe the other day seems she has to go back to Canada for a few months due to the wait at immigration for processing of her paper work due to the war. So Carolyn says we can adopt Engle for the summer so he has a place to hang out and talk computers and watch Dr. Who DVD’s.

Well back to work.