Another nice weekend

Spent the morning yesterday at work upgrading 2 machines. One has a new motherboard and AMD chip. the machine screams. I am looking at getting the same motherboard a Asus A7V333-X and CPU for the home machines or I may get the Asus A7N8X Deluxe. The A7N8X is a nice board with the Nvidia nForce2-chipset. The Deluxe board comes with dual onboard NICs and a good onboard sound card. Here is a review of the chip set and the motherboard.

I will also be putting in about 512 meg of ram and a nice Nvidia Gforce4 card and 2 40 gig drives in each. I am hoping to get these machines done after I get the office done.

Spending the day today working on the office and figuring out the positions of the new electric boxes and Cat 5 drops. Then I hope to get the room ready for a little strucktalight and then wall board in the next week or so.

Right now watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie that Del and Nat let Avery borrow while they are on vacation.