A few thoughts

Yesterday the DSL line went down again in our Woodbury office. It really didn’t go down per say it was just very slow on the D/L side of things. So I called the provider who in turned called their supplier. This all happened around 8am. I finally got a call back from the ISP around 11am. The tech said it was tested and there wasn’t a problem I laughed and said I think there is and asked if there provider had just tested.
He said yea and they rebuilt the circuit. Now wouldn’t you think that was something more then just testing?
The DSL provider for our ISP is NAS. This is the same provider that gave us the IDSL line here in Lawrenceville when I started. It was down more then it was up. Now the same sort of problems is happening in Woodbury as well.

Since I installed webalizer the other day I have been keeping an eye on the logs for this site a little more. Its interesting about a dozen different web crawlers/search engines a day are hitting this site. Just thought it was interesting. The same thing is happening over at rocknroll.com as well.

Yesterday when I went home for lunch the guy that my next-door neighbor hires to mow the lawn was there. I went in and Carolyn asked if I looked at the front yard. I went out and the guy had only mowed right up to the center of the lawn and stopped I was tempted to just go out give him $.50 to finish the lawn. I had to go home last night dig the lawnmower out of the shed and do my half of the front yard. Now when I do the lawn I also do the neighbors if her guy hasn’t been there yet because I am a nice guy.

More later if any thing cool happens today.