Car gets money thrown at it

What a long week it’s been. My car has been on the shop 3 times since Monday. Last week I took it in to have a recall taken care of and the timing belt replaces. When they got under the hood they informed me the head gasket was leaking so I had that replaced as well to a grand total with tax $1,460.00.

So I am driving back from Woodbury and the check engine light comes on. Now me being the techno geek that I am I find out the blink codes and determine that the computer is saying I had a miss fire on one of the cylinders. SO I take it back to the dealer and say this shouldn’t be happening since I just had the plugs and cables replaced at the beginning of the month. Now my service center philosophy is be nice to them and they will be nice to you and give you fast and friendly service. So Steve the mechanic who did the timing belt/head gasket work took the car into the garage as I waited (just to let you know if you actually wait for the car they work on it right away). So in about 10 min he drives it back out and tells me he has fixed the problem. The connector that plugs into the coil pack from the computer was cracked and he replaced it no charge. So I jump in the car fire it off and the check engine light comes back on and the engines missing and bucking. So back inside have Steve come back out take the car back and fix it again. This time he has the shop foreman take it for a test drive and then give it back to me. I jump in and away I go back to work with no problems. I get back in the car at the end of the day fire up the engine and guess what…check engine light’s back on and the engine is miss firing and bucking. I nurse the car back to the service center and drop the keys back on the counter. The next morning I wander back to the service center to find out Steve had to replace part of the wire harness that goes to the coil pack from the computer. It seems he accidentally pinched a wire when he was replacing the head gasket. So no charge to me and I still have about 82 days left on the warranty.

The weather is starting to get to me. It’s not the rain that’s bothering me. It’s the gray skies and cool temps that are making me feel lousy. So till next time…..