Americas Past time and Windows

Went to a Trenton Thunder game last night and realized how much I miss watching baseball. Carolyn, Avery, Delmar and I went to see the Thunder play the Portland Sea Dogs the double A team of the Red Sox. It was fun just sitting back in the warm evening and watching Americas past time. Del and I had some good conversation and a good bear and food. The Thunder lost, but the fireworks display was good I think they could have had a better set of music played during it but it was good. The nice thing about minor league baseball is the players are still playing of the love of the game and not the almighty dollar yet.

Working on getting a game plan together for the XP upgrade and am realizing that we are going to need to also upgrade the servers to at least Win 2K to get most of the security benefits of XP. This is going to put a whole new crimp into my plans. So more research today and maybe a quick escape today to enjoy the great weather that will probably only be around today and then back to rain tomorrow.