I want my All-In Wonder Card

I am very envious at the moment. Engel came over for dinner on Sat and told me he had gotten his ATI All-In Wonder card for his homemade PVR. I was like cool. I had helped him do a little research on it but really didn’t look at it as something I wanted….until last night. I went over for our weekly D&D game night.

I got there early to look at a telco jack for him and to hang out before the game started. He mentioned to me that he got the card working except that when he played a DVD through it, it stuttered and jumped. It turned out he hadn’t set the secondary IDE controller to use DMA.

After we fixed that problem he turned on the TV tuner part….man that is what I want. Being an avid Dr. Who fan I use to tape the shows so I could have my own copies. But I got bored with it and stopped but this card is the answer. It downloads the schedules from ATI and you can set it up to record. Now I have to get one of these cards so I can start digitally record stuff and watch them at my leisure.

But of course before I can do that i have to finish the office so I can set up my main machines and the cat5 network up and running. I have my uncle on tap for Wed night to go get dry wall and I am thinking of taking Friday off to hang it and get it done and ready for painting in the next few days and then the floor.