A long hot weekend

Took Friday off to hang rock in the office at home. It was a hot humid day. I didn’t blast my back out so that was good. I use 3/8 rock so it was pretty light. Sat I spent the afternoon at Engels doing computer and Internet stuff with him. Then spent most of Sunday doing seams and corners. I got the first coat done. Tonight I was going to do the second coat but the kid has a ear infection(the first one this year which is pretty good considering other years) So I will probably just hang out with her and play some games with her. At least she already got the perfect attendance award for the year.

Engel wrote and interesting rant about Macs go give it a read it makes senses and is pretty much the way I feel except the Linux part..

I feel the the Linux community was like that but is starting to move into the we can make it better for the average guy to get Linux box up and functional so he can have the free OS experience.

Gotta run maybe more later.