DSL coming to my house

Well I talked my wife into dropping the cable modem and getting DSL for the house. I was able to get 1.5M/384K through DCA.net. They offer a no frills down and dirty DSL connection witch is all I am looking for. I know yesterday I was pushing Speakeasy and I still am, but all they were able to offer me is SDSL 384/384 for $119.00. I couldn’t even think of how I was going to talk Carolyn into that.

The reason I am dropping cable for DSL is 1.) the speed increase. I think more people in the area have gotten cable modems so things a slowing down when I need them most. 2.) I want to bring this server home. It is in need of some major upgrades and I just don’t have the time to do them when I am around the machine.

3 day weekend starting this afternoon I can’t wait just going to work on the office space and cook some good food and watch the fireworks tomorrow and then a baseball game and more fireworks on Sat.

So have a good weekend…

Just a reminder Iambie’s dad goes in for surgery tomorrow so send warm and fuzzy thoughts and prayers his way through your day tomorrow.