Picnic Day 2003 has come and gone

Spent most of last week at my aunt and uncles getting the property ready for the La Vigna Picnic/Bea & John’s wedding. It took Dean and I a good 3 evenings to get the sound system set up and tuned. My parents showed up on Friday morning so my mom could start on the flowers for the wedding.

The wedding started at 1 on Sat and blended right into the picnic at 2. It was a great affair. Check out the La Vigna Web site for pictures of both the wedding and picnic in the photo gallery. New pictures will be add as they come in.

It was one of the better picnics. I am already working on new ideas for next year, which is the 20th anniversary of the family news paper so I think we need to do something big. Any ideas let me know.