What an Easter weekend 1

What an Easter weekend. ..

My mom, Carolyn, Avery, and my youngest cousin Lou worked most of the day coloring Easter eggs while my dad de dandelion my back yard and allot of the neighborhood to get enough of them to make dandelion pie for Easter Dinner. In the afternoon my uncle Fran came over to recover my dining room chairs seats. As he was working on those my dad and I stood around as the 3 of us talked and just kicked back and had a good time. We ended up at my aunt Clora’s for a good fish meal cooked and eatin’ outside by the big fire that Fran had gotten going to keep us warm so Carolyn could join us due to her allergies from the dog hair.

Saturday was my parents 38th wedding anniversary so we took them to the Philadelphia Art Museum for the Manet at the Sea exhibited and then out to dinner at the United States oldest family owned Italian Restaurant. Nat and Del joined the Bilancio’s on this great journey into the city of Brotherly Love. You can read Nat’s view and experience of following me from the museum to the restaurant here. The dinner was fabulous. I had muscles in red sauce on Spaghetti..they were wonderful…..After dinner Nat and Del headed home and we headed to the car but made a nice stop at a local coffee house on the way.. Some of the best espresso I have had in a long time…..

Sunday started out a little rocky because I got up in a bad mood and some stuff on my mind that carried over to the great breakfast at my aunt Cloara’s house. It was a great breakfast with all the traditional Easter foods that my grand mom use to make. Pizza gain, Wheat pie, and others that I can’t think of right now. The breakfast broke up and I headed home to start cooking the Easter dinner that was going to be held at my house. We had a nice beef roast that had been marinating in a great red wine concoction, green beans, salad, fruit salad and more of the traditional foods left over from breakfast. Nat and Del, Fran, Lou, my aunt Bea, and my parents started showing up around 4 and the party kicked off. I found that the kitchen in the house can really only hold about 6 people….so Nat and Del sort of got juggled out of the kitchen while the Bilancio tribe all started to get into the cooking and talking old times.

We finally sat down around 5:30 to eat. After a great grace by my dad Nat introduced us to one of her family’s Easter tradition of egg breaking. You take an Easter egg and hold it and your neighbor takes his/ her egg and wakes the top of the egg the person who’s egg breaks loses and the winner moves on to the next person until there is only one unbroken egg. It came down to my Uncle and me..I am now Champion…
The food was passed and the wine was poured and the stories started to be told We heard allot of great ones about our grandparents and my dads family. It was a great time. Things broke up around 8pm with my dad, mom Fran and Lou and Bea heading out to the house. Fran and Lou were heading back to Michigan this morning around 4 and my parents were heading back this morning at a saner time…All in all it was a good weekend….no major blow ups between my mom and me or Carolyn. Avery had a good time with her cousin Lou and I felt proud to be able to host the Easter dinner this year…maybe next year we can get Clora and Dean to make it…..

Thanks all for coming and making it a great Easter this year…..

Bebop baby, how can this be
I know you’ve been out a cheating on me
Round and round and round and round
Don’t take much to get the word around
Cross my heart and hope to die
I was just hanging out with the other guys

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  • alice

    Ok, I’m sure that “Dandelion pie” is made SOMEWHERE in the South, but I sure haven’t had it. Were you serious?!?! Dandelion wine, yes, I’ve heard of. Pie? No way. What would you mix with the dandelions? Raid Ant Kill?!?!? If there is truly a recipe for this, I must see it! Alice

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