Long week

Well I have been getting no work done on the office room this week, but I am going to get the office furniture on Sat. I think I am just going to put 2 tables in. 1 for ma and 1 for Carolyn. I am going to try and use the closet for all storage and not let the mess get out of hand in this office.

Lug/ip meeting last night. It went well Kurt Williams did a great presentation and we had a good crowd. We a re averaging about 2 new people a month. Getting allot of great compliments on the web site so that is make me and the board feel good.

So that’s about it for now……..oh yea get to go to school tomorrow for Avery’s parent teacher conference….that should go well…..

I’m gonna sing you a hundred verses in ragtime
I know this song it ain’t never gonna end
I’m gonna march you up and down the local county line
Take you to the leader of the band

Just like Crazy Otto
Just like Wolfman Jack
Sittin’ plush with a royal flush
Aces back to back
Just like Mary Shelley
Just like Frankenstein
Clank your chains and count your change
Try to walk the line

Did you say your name was
Ramblin’ Rose?
Ramble on, baby
Settle down easy
Ramble on, Rose