It’s Picnic Week..Wed

Weather: 80 Hot, Humid and Rainy

Stated the day bright and early by going to bed at 2am and getting woken up at 7:30am by a phone call to pick up my Uncle Fran for breakfast and talk. After a quick ride to Hamilton Twp to pick him up , my youngest cousin Lou joined us and we headed to the Crystal diner for a a good breakfast and a lot of coffee. Clora and Dean showed up and we worked on the game rules for Sat and the awards that we hand out. We headed back to Eggerts Crossing Rd. and started working on the CD-Rom covers and other things inside sine the weather is kind of crappy outside. Dean has done a great job on the cover art. Ira and he did a lot of printing and putting together last night before dinner at the Indian Restaurant. We are trying to just take it easy this morning and hit the ground running when the weather breaks.

We are listening to Deans nephews band Audiot. A very tight band and very professional sounding. The lead singer has a real good voice. Check out the sight and download there MP3’s from there current album “The Do It Yourself Lobotomy Kit”.