Picnic Week – Loyal Supporter

Weather: Still Hot and Humid
I am sitting here listening to a conversation between Dean, Angelica, Clora, Fran, Ira, and myself about the awards for the people who should get them from all 20 years. Who should get an award and what should it be called? Angelica thinks that everyone is a contributor, Clora thinks we shouldn’t have any award for the staff. I think the editors of the last 20 years should get something (and I am not saying that because I was one of them). I also think Dean should get an award for all his hard work. But the conversation is moving to hold off on the award or recognition of all the people who have written articles or helped produce the paper. I have left the meeting about 4 times to get out of the house and when I come back they are on the same topic. Dean feels that, because it’s the 20th Anniversary of the paper we should recognize all those who have contributed because this is a special year and that the people who come to the picnic should leave with the feeling that this is something special and not your daily backyard BBQ. He wants to put the award up there so the person who gets it can feel a great worth of family and special feeling about the picnic……

It seems that people are amazed that I bought 250 t-shirts…My dad’s uncle Bob thinks I should raffle them off because nobody likes to get free stuff. I laugh at that because everybody wants free t-shirts… and others think I went over the top. I am thinking that they should just have a good time and wear the shirt and enjoy the picnic and