Been a busy few weeks

I have been busy at work, home and in the Linux Group. We started our training classes 2 weeks ago and the test is this Sat. I have not even had time to study for the test. Today I am working on a new server for work as well as trying to study.

Carolyn and Avery have been taking it easy the last few weeks as Avery gets ready for school to start. Today is a mall day for them so they will get exercise and spend money….

Getting into planing mode for the Labor Day party we are throwing on 9/5/04. The usual food will be served with the addition of crabs. I am trying to hunt down a place close by that sells them. I am going over to the Crab Shack this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon to see what they can get me. They would be the easiest to get them from since they are right around the corner.

Parents roll into town again this weekend for Terry’s Uncle Bob’s 90th Birthday. We are going to take terry out for dinner on Sat night to celebrate his birthday which is on the 1st.

That’s it for now……