Weekend News

Finished up the LPI 101 class on Saturday and took the test. I think over all there will be a 75% pass rate. If you were relying on just what was covered in the class and didn’t study on your won then you would not have passed.

My parents were in town for Robert Immordino’s 90th birthday party on Sunday. So we took them out for dinner to celebrate Terry’s birthday on Wednesday. Took them to the Blue Claw Crab Shack. Everyone had a good time and the food was excellent.

Robert’s birthday party was good..for a guy who just turned 90 he has the energy of a 60 year old. I hope if I live that long I have the same energy. Saw some cousins I don’t usually get to see. The age difference in the crowd was very even. From 4 to 90 with a lot of ages in between.

On the Labor Day party front got a bushel of #1 crabs ordered for Sunday. mmmmm…crabs