It’s been awhile

Well since last I typed. My aunt Clora and I have traveled to Cleveland to be with my parents when my dad had a heart valve replacement at the Cleveland Clinic. All went well and he made it home a week after the surgery. My aunt and I spent 2 hours the day after the surgery at the Rock n Roll hall of Fame. It was great, even though we skipped all the multi media stuff. I am planing on going back with Carolyn and Avery and spend more time. I think it would take 2 days to see everything at the hall.

Have spent a lot of time working on getting my consulting business up and going. I have a little more paper work to get done then I can get going legal. Got the basement cleaned out and 1/2 the work bench built and up. I still have to get some more wood to make the other 1/2.

The rest of the time has been spent working and getting ready for Thanksgiving and the holidays. We are breaking tradition and inviting all the family since my dad is going to be down and people want to see him since the surgery.

Got the NYC office moved but they are without telephone and Internet service because MCI messed the order up. I am on the phone constantly with them trying to get it fixed. I finally got a manager who doesn’t have his head up his ass and is getting things done. So hopefully it will be resolved and up and running this week.

I will be trying to post a little more then I have been. I did get a few old posts from 2000 moved over from and old Blog account I had. They are interesting because it was the time I was switching jobs from Elcom to Arora.