Another year coming to a close and another back spasm

On Wed I was pulling cable and somehow pulled my back out. I suffered through the rest of the day at work and figured I would be alright…wrong…..I spent Thursday sitting on the couch with the heating pad. I felt OK and figured I would be OK. Headed to bed and crashed out and woke up to a massive back spasm. I got up and kicked Avery out of her bed which has the better mattress. I slept OK in there once the pain subsided. In the morning it was right into the shower for a hot shower aimed right at my back. That loosened me up enough to move back downstairs to lie on the floor on the heating pad. I ended up sleeping on the floor and being able to get around a little better on Sat and yesterday was feeling good enough to go food shopping and doing some work on a customers new machine that I am building for him. I also got the turkey defrosted and in the marinade for Thanksgiving.

This morning I am in a little more pain then Sat and Sun. but I think I will make it through. If I can make it home at lunch and lie on the heating pad I should be able to make it through the afternoon….. I have to be able to move around better soon. I have to get stuff ready for Thanksgiving dinner we are having 18 people over this year.