My 38th Birthday

Well today is my 38th birthday just two years away from 40….no big deal to me, growing old is just a part of life.

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the summer and the AC wasn’t working at work all day. It got up to 94 degrees in my office very hot. The repair guy didn’t get here till 5pm. It was a blown fuse from a grounded fan.

I’ve been busy with server upgrades and getting things ready for the La Vigna picnic on July 30th. The 4th of July party turned out great. We had a clam boil going with clams, potatoes, muscles, lobsters and a lot of old bay We also had the usual stuff as well. Everyone had a blast.

I have upgraded one of our main file servers and our Internet server that runs our mail, web and ftp services at work to CentOS 4 “The Community ENTerprise Operating System” which is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution that is based on SRPMS provided by a prominent North American Enterprise Linux vendor with the initials of RH. It is a good distro and allows me to load a lot of newer versions of software. The next one is going to be firewall so I can upgrade to the new version of “Checkpoint NG”.

On the home front Avery had her dance recital on fathers day weekend and she did an excellent job. I think she could make it on the dance team in the next few years if she really works at her dancing. We signed her up for Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop for next year. Right now she is off from dance camp till the first week of August.

Carolyn is doing well and getting read to go on her trip to DC with her sister next month.

Waiting for the family to start rolling in for picnic week and heading to the shore….

Well that’s all I got so far for today will try to up date a little more often then I have been…..