It’s been a busy month since last we talked

As I said it’s been a busy month since last we talked. I have had my birthday, Family in town, Picnic Prep, La Vigna Picnic, Working on the XP rollout and Server 2003 testing and roll out ideas.

My birthday ended out well. We went out for dinner and then to a movie. We saw the “Fantastic 4”. I thought it was an ok movie but as all first Marvel-based movies it was deep in background short on action and adventure. Then we had a nice meal at Chevies the Mexican place. It was a nice birthday maybe one of these years my wife and daughter will throw me a big surprise party.

Family in Town and picnic prep
The last week of July is always busy. My uncle from Michigan rolls into town and heads to the Jersey Shore for the week with his family. I usually don’t get to the shore when he is there so I don’t get to hang out much but this year I made it a point to take my daughter to the shore and hang out with my uncle and his family. The day went well Avery and I had 2 great meal s and got some sun to darken our skin and a swim in the Atlantic. 😉

The rest of the week was taken up preparing for the La Vigna Picnic. It was a quick hot week. My uncle Dean was under the weather so he was limited in what stuff he could do so I picked up the slack.

La Vigna Picnic

This year’s La Vigna Picnic was great. We had the highest attendance in a long time and everyone seemed to have a great time. the weather was cooler and less humid. Dean was still under the weather so Fran and I ran the games and took care of the MC duties for the day. I ended up selling the 50/50 tickets and making the most money ever in the history of La Vigna Picnics. I will now be stuck doing the selling for a long time…

Working on the XP rollout and Server 2003 testing

Finished the rollout of Windows XP in all the satellite offices and am working on getting it done here in the corporate office. I am also working on testing Server 2003 and Active Directory for the server upgrades. I am in the process right now of building the AD network in parallel with the NT network here in the corporate office.

This week Carolyn and I went to see Huey Lewis and the News on Tuesday night. It was a good show and better then I thought it would be. Huey is a very good showman and very fan friendly. I would go see him and see if he does a totally different show.

We are getting ready to go see Jimmy Buffet next weekend in Philadelphia which is unlike any other concert experience that I am used to. It’s one big party check out last years comments on the show. We are also getting ready for the final big picnic of the summer on September 4th so if you are in the Trenton NJ area on that day drop me a line and stop by….. 🙂