Proposed Replacement Mail/FTP/WEB Server for work 2

Next year I am going to move everyone off of POP3 to IMAP for incoming mail. I want to keep everyone’s mail up on the server instead of on there desktop machine. This will give me a better back up plan for employee mail. It would also be one less thing I would have to move off there machine when I upgrade them and one less thing for them to lose if there hard drive goes south on there desktops.

So here are the specs for the new server:
OS: Linux CentOS.
Services: Qmail, Courier-imap, Apache, MySQL, ProFTP
Case: Chenbro 3U RM31212T-C-650R 650W Redundant (2+1) 12 HDD Tray SATA
Mother Board: Tyan Thunder K8SE
CPU : AMD Opteron Dual-Core 270 2 GHz – Socket 940 – L2 2 MB x 2
Memory: 512 MB – DIMM 184-pin – DDR – 266 MHz / PC2100 – CL2.5 – 2.5 V – registered – ECC x 4
Raid Controller: 3ware Escalade 9500S-8MI
HD Drives: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 – ST3250823AS 250 GB – internal – 3.5″ – SATA-150 – 22-position plug – 7200 rpm – buffer: 8 MB x 7

I will be doing hardware Raid 5 off the 3ware card using 5 of the drives for data, that will give me 1TB of space and the other 2 drives I will do Raid 1 for the Os off the raid card on the mother board. With 2 Gigs of Memory this machine should scream.

Let me know what you think…..

2 thoughts on “Proposed Replacement Mail/FTP/WEB Server for work

  • Ed C.

    Looks nice. Should work great. I might consider adding a little more RAM, but that would always be easy enough to upgrade in the future should the neead arise.

  • Greg Haase

    I’m not sure… seems a bit overkill to me. Unless you’re planning on never upgrading your hardware ever again, or your users have a nasty habit of using their email as a file system complete with 50 MB attachments, you should have way more than enough juice.

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