FM – No Static At All!

I was kind of bored yesterday afternoon and decided to see what free movies were on “On Demand” and found one of the best “Radio” movies around “FM”.  It has a great soundtrack and 2 great concerts in the movie.  The first being Jimmy Buffet and the other a Linda Ronstadt

I have been trying to find this movie on DVD for a while now.  Netflix use to have it but was on my wishlist so long that they dropped it from there movie list, the local Blockbuster had it and I grabbed it off the shelf, but it was a bad copy and wouldn’t play.

The film perfectly captures the feel of the late 1970s. The casting is great, with a passionate performance by Michael Brandon and a very funny one by Martin Mull. The background music is just right and the concert appearances of Jimmy Buffett and Linda Ronstadt add to the late 1970s atmosphere. A young Tom Petty gets interviewed at the radio station. REO Speedwagon also appears at a record store signing. If you’re a fan of WKRP, then check out this movie.

This movie captures what needs to happen again in radio today..the jocks need to take over the station and make the listeners and the music the focus of the station.  As I have said before and I will say it again…Big business is killing radio and it’s time for the people to take back the airwaves…

So to see what radio should be like today check out “FM”.