New toy and Geocaching and the 4th of july party….

Yesterday my new toy came that I bought as my birthday gift from my
wife and daughter. I got a Garmin GPSMAP 60. It’s a nice little unit.
So I went out to find my first cache last night and struck out on it so
I moved to another one and couldn’t find that one either. I went back
this morning when there were less people around so I could look like a
fool by myself..still couldn’t find it.

After playing with the GPSr a little bit at work this afternoon I
came home and got Karma and took him to the D&R canal path where
there were 4 caches hidden. I found 2 of the 3 I was looking for. I was
very proud of myself. I got to the 3rd one and hit a wall…couldn’t
figure out where the cache was hidden and the bugs were eating me and
Karma alive so we turned around and headed back to the car. We will go
back later in the week or wait till after the 4th of July. Karma loved
it, he was able to get off the trail and wander the woods with his
human. 🙂

So we are getting ready for the party we are having on the 3rd of
July. I want to have most of the back yard ready by the end of the
weekend and really just have to get the ice and do the food prep on
Tuesday. I still have to figure out the sound system since I really
ripped it apart during the winter. We have a good number of people
coming. The guy I buy my computer stuff from is coming from Arizona for
the party as well as the regular crowd.