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So I have lived back in this area now for around 18 years. I have been doing my grocery shopping at the Acme in the Lawrenceville shopping center. The prices are to high and the store is dirty and they seem to be out of a lot of stuff when I am there. My wife has been doing the shopping for the last few months and she has been telling that the store has been getting worse.

Today we wandered over to the ShopeRite in the Mercer Mall. It was big and clean and the prices seemed to be better, but it was to crowded and the parking lot was a mess. I like the store and the prices but…

We are going over to the ShopRite on the Pennington Circle to see if it’s as nice a store as the one in the Mercer Mall.

If you live in the Lawrenceville, NJ area where do you shop for groceries?

I sure wish there was a Trader Joes close to the Lawrence area…I love to shop there.

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  • Brian Jones


    I shop at the Stop & Shop in Lawrenceville. When I first moved to the area (and on a few emergency occasions since) I’ve shopped at the ShopRite on the circle, and I would describe that store just the same way you describe Acme. Dirty, small, crowded, and you’ll find that a lot of the produce and meat is… well… questionable. Not a place for a budding gourmet such as yourself.

    I really don’t know how the prices compare because I don’t shop at the ShopRite enough to make a comparison. I can say that I’ve been generally pleased with the Stop & Shop. Sometimes I gasp at prices, but the quality of the produce and meat are the best you’re gonna find in a grocery store around here. The service is typically really good, too. There’s a guy named Mike in the meat dept. that’ll cut you some *really* nice veal scallopini on the spot – just ask him when it comes in, show up on that day, and he’ll slice it for you right there.

  • khurt


    We shop @
    1. Skillamn Shop Rite ( Route 206, 1 mile north of Princeton Airport )
    2. Lawrenceville Shop Rite
    3. Nassau Park Target ( they are often cheaper )

  • lemasney

    You said “We are going over to the ShopRite on the Pennington Circle to see if it’s as nice a store as the one in the Mercer Mall.”

    It’s not. Mercer Mall has a world-class shop rite. The one in Pennington, is in a phrase, not world-class. More like 3rd world class.

    If you’re going to go all the way over there, just go to Stop & Shop. I go to S&S exclusively for my regular shopping. It’s expensive, but there is not a nicer store in the local Ewing area. Plus, there’s Piccolo’s right there.

    If I were you, I’d stay at Mercer Mall – parking is bad, but it’s local for you, and it’s the right mix of a great store and okay prices – I often go there for dinner – I like the chinese place right inside the World Class Shop Rites.

    Anything but Acme, though.


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