Cooking and the Kitchen

I am going back to school next month. I am taking some culinary classes at the local community college..I can’t wait…the first class is a knife class which is a good thing since my knife skills are for crap these days. I am hoping to also find out about getting some new knives. The other classes are meat, poultry, and fish. It seems like a fun set of classes to take and the price was right. 🙂

On Saturday I worked on organizing the kitchen a bit. We also decided to convert the junk closet in the laundry room to the pantry and get all the canned and dry goods out of the kitchen cabinets and moved to the new pantry. I still have to clean out the big pot cabinet and get it reorganized so I can find things in my kitchen when I am cooking.

I have also added a recipe section on the site so you can see my recent cooking projects. You can find it here.