Writing and the lack there of.

franI was talking with my uncle Fran on Thanksgiving day in my Aunt Bea’s dinning room talking about technology and writing articles for the family newspaper, when he asked me about updating and writing my journal/blog.  I told him I just haven’t had much to say or write about in a long time. He told me he takes 10 min a day to just write down his thoughts and ideas.  It made me think back to when I first started “William’s Thoughts and Ideas” and that I was going to write every day about my day like the journal on BofhCam.org and how I have let myself down.

The conversation with Fran made me think later about the summers my mom made me write a “journal”.  She use to make me sit down everyday for 30 min to write down what happened the day before or just a short story.  I use to kick and scream that I didn’t want to do this…it took away from my fun time, but in the long run it did make me a better writer and I did come up with some real good short stories and it helped created my “voice” and writing style.

What has kept me from writing as much as I had planed back at the beginning of this website?  Has it been lack of time, lack of topics, or just being to lazy to do it?  I am not sure what the issue is but I need to get back to it and write more, because it makes me relax and feel better.  So I hope this is the beginning of a change and I can take my 10 minutes a day to sit down and write something whether it’s about my day, an article about some topic or just the opening paragraph of a story I might write some day.  So wish me luck and I hope you enjoy it.