A night of Tomato Pies with good friends

Last night I got together with some friends at De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies.  in Robbinsville NJ for tomato pie and a nice choice of beer.  I was the first to arrive, the restaurant was a little crowded but not so bad we were going to have to wait a long time for a table. Since I was the first one there I opted to hang out and wait for one of the others to arrive before getting the table.  Greg Wilson showed up a little while later and he and I got talking about work and how things were going.  We got seated at a one of the big booths along the wall and hung out waiting for the rest to show up.  The next to show up was John LeMasney (who was the only one of us not to have ever been to De Lorenzo’s so he was the De Lorenzo’s virgin of the night) followed by John Martinetti and Brian Jones arriving a few minutes later.  Greg and John

This was the first time that the five of us have all been out to eat and just sit back and talk in a long time.   The topics ranged of course from work-related topics to the kids and everything in between.  The beauty of the five of us getting together is that we are all lovers of good beer so when we do get together the place must be BYOB or have a good choice of beer at the bar.  Last night both Johns brought a six-pack of Sierra Nevada.  John LeMasney brought the Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale and John Martinetti brought the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brian Jones brought a random selection from his fridge that all I remember was in there was Guinness.

The Tomato Pies were mouth-watering and so tasty.  We ended up getting two pies, a garlic, and a sweet pepper pie.  When they came to the table, it was commented that the pies are never cut in the normal way of even shaped triangular slices, there were long ones, short ones, small ones…but they were all good ones.  We took our time enjoying and savoring each bite of pie and sip of beer, but still made time to discuss the use of Drupal over WordPress and vice versa. After the first two pies were done and we had sat digesting them and talking about what I don’t remember…we ordered our third pie..a sausage, garlic and sweet peppers pie….another winner.

While we were all conversing and eating I sat back and thought how much I was enjoying this evening.  I was just out with the guys, I wasn’t worrying about work, PICC or LOPSA.  I wasn’t worried about getting ready for LISA or all the stuff I have to do while I am there.  I was just out with the guys and we were all having fun.  As the last of the beer was finished and the last crumb of tomato pie was eaten I felt that all was good with my world and I was glad I have friends like these.

Thanks guys for coming out on a rainy Tuesday Night……