Trenton Farmers’ Market – a great place to go fresh & local


Farmer’s Market (credit: William Bilancio)

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The Trenton Farmers Market is located on the Trenton – Lawrence Township border at 960 Spruce Street. There has been a Trenton Farmers Market in existence since the early 1900’s when farmers came to Trenton to sell their goods in the area of what is now Route 29. In 1939 those industrious farmers started The Trenton Market Growers Co-op Associations, Inc. and purchased the land on Spruce Street in Lawrence Township. The existing location opened in June 1948 with outside stalls and when the roof was added it became a year round market and started selling bread, meat, and of course, Jersey farm fresh produce.


The Market today has over 38 vendors selling everything from vegetables, bread, meat and specialty goods. Depending on the time of year (and the growing season) there will be a different variety of fresh vegetables and fruit. It also sports a food court with delicious deli and bakery food which is also open year round.

I have been going to the Trenton Farmers Market for most of my life. It’s been my go-to market for seafood, bread, and produce. On a Saturday morning I always try to get up and head over to the market.  I wander the crowded busy aisles and look at all the fresh in-season produce and the best price for the things I need, depending on the recipes I have worked out for the coming week. What was intended as a quick run to the Market always turns into an hour long trip. I tend to get into conversations with the vendors and Market regulars.


Photo by William Bilancio

My eyes are drawn to the colorful produce and the smell of the fresh basil and oregano plants. It all makes my head spin. The two bakeries also add to the great aromas of the Farmers Market, where you can get fresh baked rolls, pies, cakes, cookies and pastries. But it’s not just fresh produce and baked goods that the Farmers Market has to offer. There are many specialty shops selling fresh cheese, Polish, Italian & Mexican specialty foods, and even gluten-free foods.

Photo by William Bilancio

Photo by William Bilancio

When I am in search of fresh seafood I follow the signs to the Crab Shack, a little building detached from the main building, on the other side of the parking lot on the Princeton Avenue side of the market. They have great prices and deals on fresh clams and mussels, and when they are in season, blue claw crabs. It’s my first stop whenever I need seafood for a party or a special recipe. When I walk into the Crab Shack I can smell the ocean, and that’s just want you want to smell when looking for fresh seafood.

As I pack up my car with my purchases I am amazed at what I found at the Market. The prices of the produce are so much lower than at the local supermarkets. Why do I even bother to look at produce during the spring and summer anywhere else but local farmers markets. At the farmers markets I find that it’s usually lower prices for fresher products.

I am going to be hitting the road the next few months to visit other Central Jersey farmers markets and roadside stands to help you find the best in local produce and products to make your cooking taste even better and more nutritious.