Dry Wall Heavy, Back Sore. 4 days till Birthday

Back to New York today. I hope to be there only for about an hour. The computer in question is getting a lot of “Performed an Illegal Operation” when the user tries to print from IE and Office. I am taking a page from Simon over at www.bofhcam.org and just reghosting it with the image I made last year.

Spent the weekend working on the kitchen. I pulled off the paneling on Saturday morning then spent most of the afternoon filling the voids and holes with srtuctolite. I love that stuff, hardens in like 20 min after application to the wall and is rock hard. Spent Saturday evening hanging out with Avery watching TV and playing, after we went to see the paint guy Al at Sears to get the paint for the kitchen.

Charlotte came down and took Carolyn over to there Dads. When they got there things were not good and they had to cancel there big dinner out to the Washington Crossing Inn. Sunday wasn’t that much better for them…

I conned my cousin John into getting up early and taking me to Home Depot to pick up the sheet rock (dry wall) and other things. I was back by 9:30 and couldn’t talk him into helping me hang it. It took me about 7 hours to hang 7 pieces. I also had to re-frame the old door way to the Basement and so there were some studs to attach the dry all to next to the fridge. I think it all ready looks better.

I will mud and tape tonight. I hope to have it all done by Thursday so I can prime the walls, Killz and Paint the ceiling on Friday (my birthday) and then paint the walls on Saturday.