1 days till Birthday and Still No Party Plans

Took last night off from dry wall work. Spent Monday night mudding and taping since Carolyn and Charlotte were at the hospital with there dad. I got all the screws covered and all the seams taped.

Tuesday I wet sanded all and applied the second coat of mud and screwed up the inside corner. I hope to get it finished tonight. I took last night off to go food shopping and just take it easy. Finally got around to getting the web based mailing list manager up and running for the La Vigna mailing list, now Dean will be able to add and subtract people.

Carolyn’s father did suffer a stroke over the weekend, but is doing better. They are planning on moving him up to the rehabilitation floor today or tomorrow. He has lost a little of his vision in his left eye and now his good hand shakes a little more. The doctors think with rehab they can get him back to where he was physically before the stroke.

Well tomorrow is my birthday and again no party…maybe next year it will happen.