My Big Fat Greek Wedding..A Must See

Weather has been good and cool. I’ve been getting better nights sleep now that the AC is off and the fan is back in the window.

Took Carolyn out for dinner and a movie last night. Got Jule to baby sit and she and Avery got along splendidly.

We went to the China Buffet for dinner then saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I would recommend this movie big time. It was the first movie I have been too in a long time where the crowd really laughed at everything funny. It was funny and very touching. It made me think of my own family…reduce the number of cousins and aunts and make them Italian instead of Greek and you have the Bilancio’s.

Now all I have to do is write a quick review for La Vigna on line.

Work is going well I am working on the laptop and trying to get the 3com wireless card to work with Linux so I can take it home and use it on my network…more on this later.