My Kid Sitter rules….

First I would like to thank Julianne for all the kid sitting she has done for us in the last 2 weeks. Carolyn and I really need the break and Avery just hates having to go to the hospital. She really loves hanging with you and Bea..

And she wanted to say hi….

It’s been a long August. My father In-Law is back in the hospital and my sister In-Law is back. It’s just been a bad month for Carolyn. I hope the rest of the year goes better for her.

Yesterday was Carolyn’s and mine 10 year wedding anniversary..we did nothing. Actually we went out the night before to Macaroni Grill..we were not impressed. That’s about all we did.

The last few weeks at work have been going pretty well. Got the new mail server running on the new server. Now I just have to start getting the small things working. Like the company wide address book, public folders, and getting web mail working faster. Then I will get to go around and switch all the clients over to IMAP from POP3. Oh the fun.

Weekend plans look like I am going to redo Carolyn machine tonight and then redo the WAP to really become a WAP and hand out addresses and DNS settings. It will make my life easier when I take the laptop to work and back. I also plan to finally watch “Lord of the Rings”. If you are in the area give a call and stop over and hang. I should be home all weekend…