I love the overtime thing and boy is it hot today…

Spent most of Saturday at work. I decided to install the Adaptec RAID 3210s controller and 2 more 34 GIG drives in to the FTP/WEB box at work. The install of the hardware went well. I made a RAID 5 container to get a total of 101.75 gig and a drive for parity.

Stuff started happening when I went to install Red Hat 7.2. When the install got to formatting the partitions it would stop formatting at the biggest partition and the and the numbers 4,7 and 6 LEDS on the RAID controller just kept blinking. After moving the drives around and switching the cable it still kept doing it. I finally went to Adaptec’s site and re-read all the info they had on Linux and buried at the bottom of this article was the answer. Of course it’s been fixed in the Red Hat 7.3 kernels. If I had found this article around 4pm I wouldn’t have been here till 9:30pm. At least I had allot of good tunes to listen to.

Came back on Sunday to get the web mail set up so our new employee in Minnesota could get his E-Mail. Spent only about 5 hours here so I think with the 2 days of adventures I should have enough money to get a new laptop for myself and give the old one to Carolyn.

Finished up the whole FTP/WEB server this morning and can now coast for a few days before I start loading Q-Mail on the box for the new mail server. Guess I am finally going to have to go to the supermarket and get groceries now that Avery and Carolyn are done working on the father in law thing.