What a day…the Allman Brothers must be opening in NYC at the Beacon.

Well the Allman Brothers open there 13 day run at the Beacon this evening. Henry and I head there tomorrow. I think this might be the last year I go see them at the Beacon for awhile…it all depends on the show and the crowd. Last year we had seats under the balcony and there was a continuous hum of people talking. I hope the seats are better this year. I am glad Warren is playing with them so I can get my Warren fix. I have to start keeping an eye out for when Gov’t Mule will be in the area so I can get the mule fix.

Been working on the Samba-tng machine for Pa. but keep getting the same error. I can’t add any users to the sam database. So I will just keep on beating on it and I am sure I will get it figured out. Going bowling tonight with the company for a fundraiser for the PE society scholarship fund…should have fun then go home and spend some quality time with the family.

On my way out the door after lunch I heard a weird noise coming out of the light post in the front yard. It was 2 birds trying to build a nest in the post. I got them out and taped up the holes they were using to get in…only at my house.