It helps to read all the instructions

I have been working on getting Samba-tng working on the Harrisburg server so I can leave it Linux and not have to load that NT thing. The reason for using TNG version is that it allows the box to be a PDC and do Trusts. But first I had to get it to talk to the LDAP server. So I printed out the text doc on setting up samba and ldap and totally skipped the part about the password file that was needed. So every time I tried to add a user to the domain it would tell me that I was not authorized. I have jumped that hurtle and am now working on the trusts to get the corp domain talking to the Harrisburg domain. I hope to have that done by the end of the day.

Hey bowling went well last night. It looked like everyone had a good time and the PE society raised about $1000 for the scholarship fund. I played real bad I broke 100 the first game but couldn’t get past 80 on the last 2. I think bowling is a good game I just don’t have time to play as much as I would like. I know Avery would play if I got her out there and she go better at it and the same goes for Carolyn.

Well off to lunch and then back for the afternoon then off to NYC for the Allman Brothers show.