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For the last few nights I have been watching the show Manor House on PBS. This show took a family and 11 other people and set them up in a Manor house. The rub of it all was that they had to dress and act as though they were in Edwardian Times. The family lived “upstairs” as the masters of the house and the 11 other people were their servants.

This was defenently an interesting experiment. They had to live this way for 3 months. The young people who were picked to be the servants just didn’t understand how things worked back in Edwardian times. The last episode was last night and you could tell that everyone learned something about himself or herself. The family will be the worst off. The mother came right out a said she enjoyed having everything done for her.

My favorite person in the whole show was the French chief Monsieur Dubiard. This guy rocked. He came to the project to cook as they did in Edwardian times. He knew the meaning of hard work. I was impressed with him.

Monsieur Dubiard if you ever come to the east coast of America please look me up because I want to shack your hand. The boar’s head you cooked looked excellent.

Check out the site for the show. There is a section on how the people are doing after they left the manor house. If you get the chance to see this show I would recommend it.

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  • Laura Freas

    Do you recall M. Dubiard’s website mentioned in the final episode of Manor House? I’d so like to look up his URL and learn more about him. All that was said on the show’s website was that he was a chef at a bistro in Redstone and that he misses the show.
    Thanks in advance.
    Laura Freas

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