Wep Wep Wep

Been a busy past 2 days this week. I got the AP working at work finally. I even got WEP working on it. I had to upgrade the firmware and software in the AP unit before it would stop locking up when I tried to pass data through it. It got so bad that it even locked up when trying to hand out an address. I had to use a Linksys WAP11 because I couldn’t find a wireless PCI card with a Prisim2 chip anywhere so I couldn’t build one out of a spare Linux box.

The next big hurdle was to get the VPN clients to work right on the clients and be able to talk to the corporate network. This way only company devices can use the wireless network to get to the corporate network. I used the Checkpoint SecureClient VPN client. It wasn’t too bad to set up just a little learning curve to go through.

The weekend wasn’t to bad saw X-Men 2 on Friday with Del. The movie kicked a**. Then spent Saturday hanging with Avery and Carolyn. We got a little work done around the house for my parent visit this weekend. Headed to Jac’s for breakfast on Sunday and talked computers for a few hours. Then went gaming at Del’s. We are playing first addition modules with third addition characters. I found a good character generation program that Del and I are now using.

So back to the world of wireless today, have to look into the cost of some wireless repeaters so I can blanket the office with signal.