A busy weekend and Monday, spent the better part of the weekend with the folks. They came down on Friday night so my mom could go with Avery and Carolyn to the Degas exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum. My dad and I hung out and talked computers. Sunday I installed a new kitchen faucet for Carolyn’s mothers day gift. We took the folks out for dinner at the Chesterfield Inn and had a great meal.

Monday spent most of the day trying to get the Antivirus program working on a users machine. It was infected with the klez virus and waked the software. I couldn’t even uninstall it. I did find out how to remove it manually. I also found about 10 other people who weren’t connected to the antivirus server so they weren’t getting the latest definitions. So I had to uninstall it and reinstall it, but if I had upgraded them from win 95 to win 98 I had to uninstall manually and remove a ton of stuff from the registry. So that’s what I have been working on this morning.

Last night though we went to see Avery play in her first band recital and sing in her first chorus presentation. It was packed. I want to send out a quick thank you to my aunt who went to the school early and saved us seats in the second row. She got there about and hour before the performance and still people beat her for the front row. It pays to live right in front of the school I guess. Avery did a great job playing and singing. I am very proud of her for sticking with playing the clarinet and practicing and having fun with it. I her grandparents were very impressed and happy to be down to hear her play and sing.

1 day till Matrix: Reload……