Happy Halloween

Wow Halloween already. Where has the month of October gone. Been busy working on the Mame cabinet. I got the computer end all done this week. More on this later on the site for the cabinet. I should have the site done by the end of the weekend with allot of pictures and stuff about getting the software done.

Avery is all excited about going out trick or treating tonight with Carolyn while I get to stay home and hand out candy to the kids, which I enjoy the most. Carolyn’s dad is back in the hospital as of last night. They called right at 10 when Carolyn was heading to bed. She got to stay up till 2:30 to find out what the hospital had to say. He’s got pneumonia in one of his lungs. She is waiting to hear from his doctor to find out what is up now and when he gets to go tout of the hospital.

Going to spend most of the weekend working on the cabinet. The goal for the weekend is to get the coin door in, the front painted and the shelf for the monitor in and get it moved into the front room. That way I can get the computer mounted. I am also going to finish the layout of the control panel and hopefully cut and drill the holes in and then start wiring it up.

I have also d/l over 100 ROMs for the game. I hope to get the whole collection as well as, as many other emulator files to play on the game.

That’s it for now.