What a weekend…..

Halloween was great..Avery got tons of candy. We didn’t get that many kids stopping for candy. It seems that there are less kids coming out for Halloween from when I was a kid. I did get to have a nice talk with one of the girls next door since she was out handing out candy.

Sat I spent most of the day working on the MAME cabinet. I got the coin door in the front painted ant the supports for the monitor installed. I fitted the Sony 21″ PC monitor in it and it’s going to look great. I hope to get the control panel laid out tonight and get the holes drilled and cut. Then I can spend the next few nights wiring it up.

My father in-law is still in the hospital but is not doing to well. they did a whole bunch of tests and found his kidneys are not doing to well. Last night they ordered a blood transfusion and more tests. Carolyn and my sister in-law have been at the hospital the last few days and will be there probably for the next few days.

Yesterday Avery go to stay home and she devoured a whole tin of chocolate chip cookies and I am sure a whole lot of Halloween candy. So she got sick in the middle of the night and gets to stay home for the day from school because she never went back to sleep.

And to add to that the cat is sick…..So I will be off to the vet today as well so much for a quiet Monday.