I now must pick the 35-40 age bracket

Wow what a week…

On the kitchen wall front. I got the mudding done and sanded and got them primed and ready for painting. The ceiling has been primed with killz and is waiting for paint. I won’t have time to finish the painting before my parents show up tonight(I think). I did brush on a patch of the wall color so the can see what it looks like.

Carolyn’s dad is doing better and is back to his usual self. Drove Carolyn and Avery to the hospital to visit him last night. It’s a nice area right down the street form one of my old alma matters Newtown Friends School.

My parents hit town tonight and are staying at my aunts house, but I am sure they will be at our house most of the time.

Avery is starting to get a little nervous about going to Bath for the month of August. Carolyn and I are looking forward to it though…this way Carolyn can get some painting done and we can get the kitchen done and maybe get her office started.

Not much going on at work. Looking forward to the picnic on Sat. and just having a break from computers for a day.