Are we sure the Dark Side isn’t really the place to be??

Wow what a week. The La Vigna picnic was a blast. Hung out with Ira and his friend Molly as well as my dad’s cousin Angelo’s kids who are finally at the age of acceptance by the over 30 crew. So Jule and Bea welcome to the dark side you have landed among thieves.

Things are moving ahead with my father in-law and getting him better. The hospital doesn’t think he will be going back to his current residence but to a managed care facility. Charlotte and Carolyn and I sat down last night and crunched the numbers and came up with the magic numbers range for what we can all afford to pay a month. It also has been decided Carolyn has to get a job as soon as Avery goes back to school.

Now on to Avery the demon child….she is back home after only 1.5 days with my parents. She cried and complained the whole time in the car on the way to Boston. My mom finally just turned around and brought her home. Avery is now on super secret probation. She is not allowed to see any new movies, watch TV (digital cable just payed for it self by allowing me to lock out all her TV stations). She will also be doing allot more work around the house. I have lined up baby sitters so Carolyn and I can go out like we planed to do while she was away. At least now I won’t have to drive to Bath to get her.

The laptop has started a slow death I think. I told Carolyn we have to get another one and she agreed. So the hunt is on today to find good Linux friendly laptop at a reasonable price. More on this later.